Live Trade

Legal LIVE Trade of felids from South Africa according to CITES back to campaigns When it comes to discussing income generating spin-off activities from the commercial captive lion industry in South Africa, we mostly focus on cub petting, voluntourism, canned hunting and the lion bone trade. The global live trade in wild animals is often […]

Youth For Lions Blog: Volunteering: How to support true wildlife conservationists instead of money grabbing profiteers

Written by Youth Ambassador, Oliver Riley-Smith and published with permission With the globe growing ever smaller through social media and modern transport, volunteering is growing ever larger. Young people around the world are becoming more passionate to travel and volunteer across the globe but unfortunately many unethical organisations are capitalising on this. Dodging the complex […]

South Africa’s Live Caracal Trade

Although caracal can be commonly found in the wild in South Africa, Botswana and southern Namibia, this slender mid-sized felid is considered rare throughout most of its range. In South Africa, caracal is classed as Least Concern and the African populations fall under CITES Appendix II. According to the CITES Trade Database, South Africa exported 1,058 live […]


Frequently Asked questions Canned HuntingPredator BreedingConservationLion Bone TradePetting, Walking with Lions and Volunteering What does the term canned hunting refer to? Canned hunting is shooting captive bred and/or tame animals in confined areas. It covers other definitions such as captive hunting, high-fence hunting and ranch hunting as well. The term canned hunting came into popular […]


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